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How to make articles on google search

Posts that don't show up on Google search or their terms are indexed sometimes frustrate some novice bloggers. However, making a post indexed in the Google search engine is not difficult if you know how. For that, here I will share how to make articles / posts indexed quickly for beginners.

Getting your published posts appear on search engines is not as difficult as you might think. You only need to register your blog to the webmaster tools / search console (we call it the search console), then submit a sitemap / sitemap and also submit every article you make on the web.

Search Console is a website owned by Google that is specially created to make it easier for every web owner, in this case a blog, to request crawling of search engine bots on their site. In short, introduce their site to search engines so that their site appears in search engines faster.

Then how do we register and submit our blog sitemap to the search console?

Search Console / Webmaster tools have been updated to a new look. Although you can still access the old view, there is a tool that will be removed soon, namely fetch as google, the replacement is to check the url in the new search console. For steps ranging from submitting a blog, submitting a sitemap, and requesting indexing in the new search console.

  • Submitting Blogs to Webmaster Tools / Search Console and Submitting Sitemaps
  • First, go to webmaster tools
  • The first time you are asked to log in, please log in with the email you have or use on your blog (free).

After that you click ADD PROPERTY, after that fill in the dialog box that appears with your blog url, to make it easier for you to visit your blog then copy the url on the first page of your blog. After that click Add. So now your blog is listed in webmaster tools / search console, and has been verified.

Next we'll cover the steps for submitting a sitemap for your blog. Submit a sitemap or sitemap to request search engine bots to crawl all of your blog content. The point is to introduce your blog to search engines.

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