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Understand the Marketing Mix, Concept, Purpose, Functions, and Benefits

Lately, the marketing mix is ​​increasingly being heard in everyday life. You've probably heard of it, whether it's on seminars, television, or on social media. Marketing mix is ​​a term that is familiar to business people.

Understand the Marketing Mix, Concept, Purpose, Functions, and Benefits

The marketing mix can be defined as a marketing strategy that combines several elements in it in an integrated manner to achieve targeted market marketing objectives.

The marketing mix or what is known in Indonesian as the 'Marketing Mix' is the basis of the basic model of a business. The marketing mix concept can not only be used to promote old businesses, but also develop new ones.

The following is a summary of the meaning of the marketing mix, concepts, goals, functions, and benefits, quoted from the pages of Maxmanroe and Sarjanaekonomi, Friday (26/3/2021).

1. Marketing Mix Concept

Place in the marketing mix is ​​basically a form of distribution channel which refers to the location where products are available and can be sold and bought. A product is something that has functional value and can be used by customers to achieve something.

Promotion in the marketing mix is ​​a strategy applied by marketers to make consumers aware of the existence of their product or brand. Price is the value that will be obtained in exchange for the product.

The person or aspect of the person in question is not just a consumer. However, all human resources (HR) are involved, including workers to business teams. Especially for this aspect it is very important to note. The process aspect is a combination of all activities. All of these activities are related to the products that are manufactured and delivered to consumers.

2. Purpose and Function of Marketing Mix

Direct marketing is a form of interactive marketing system that can be used by one or more advertising media to generate responses or transactions that can be measured at a specific location.

Advertising is an important form of activity in the marketing mix. The main purpose of this advertisement is to provide information about products and services to target consumers in order to increase sales. An intensive set of tools designed to encourage the purchase of goods or services.

3. Marketing Mix Function

The physical distribution of a product can be done by transporting and storing the product. 

The marketing mix is ​​an intermediary medium for product delivery from producers to consumers that connects exchange activities with physical distribution.

Businesses need to know how the flow of costs and revenues fits the situation.  Able to allocate in the form of responsibilities for each division with their respective tasks that have been determined. This concept can simplify and unify various forms of marketing activities into one so that the marketing section is easier to do and manage.

Businesses need a solid team, but business people need to allocate responsibility to each person according to their duties and abilities.

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