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How to become a blogger via Android for beginners is 100% successful

Being a professional SEO-friendly blogger is an activity that many people want! These activities require special skills that must be learned and may take a long time.

For a professional blogger who already has a popular website or blog, it's not difficult to do it! What if those who are just starting out (beginners), maybe blogging activities will be difficult and annoying -if what has been done does not produce maximum results.

For beginners, if you want to create a blog using an Android cellphone which is included in the professional blog category and "SEO Friendly", you can read one by one the tools that need to be considered in managing a blog, because with these tools you can easily create a blog. You appear professional and can compete with websites or blogs that were popular in the past.

A complete guide to tips and tricks to become a professional SEO friendly blogger

Here are the first steps that must be taken so that your website or blog has a professional and SEO Friendly “Blogging” productivity level:

  • Creating a website or blog on the site with a niche or topic.

  • Writing article posts by implementing "SEO on Page Optimization"

  • Choosing a fast loading blogger template (SEO Friendly)
  • Submit your website or blog to the google search engine (google webmaster tools)

  • Perform "off-page SEO optimization" (Share Link)

Step 1:

To create a website or blog on a blogger site (blogspot) with one niche or topic, you must first prepare the blog niche or topic that you want to manage, a google account or Gmail email and the google chrome browser application already installed on you. . Android device, then register. himself as a blogger publisher on the site.

To get the Niche or Topic that most people are looking for, you can use the Google Trending site to see the most search results on the Google search engine to be used as a Niche or Topic for the website or blog that you want to create.

If you already have the tools we mean, you can follow the steps or how to create a free website with the following niches or topics:

Open or enter "Applications" in the google chrome browser, and from the browser dashboard type then do a search.

Then in the new window that opens is the blogger site dashboard (blogspot), info: if you are logged in you can touch the "Create Blog" button, but if not, you can log in or log in using a google account (Gmail Email).

After successfully logging in or logging in, you can complete the title, address or URL and choose the desired theme. Tips: Use titles and URLs according to the niche or topic of search results on Google trending sites.

Next, tap the orange "Create Blog" button at the bottom of the registration form, and in the new window that opens is your website or blog.


That's all you can do if you want to create a professional and seo friendly website or blog.

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