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How to Make a Cool and Attractive Blog Design

Most beginner bloggers often forget this simple thing. Namely about the basics of designing a blog. This is what makes beginner bloggers find it difficult when it comes to coding language.

So, it's good if you are just starting to learn to create your own blog design, first understand what structure is in the blog template. Prince has actually discussed how to tidy up the appearance of this blog, but for more details, Prince will explain again.

1. Title

Blog Header is the head or the very top of a blog. In the header section, there is usually a Blog Title and Blog Description. However, that is usually the case.

For some blogs, sometimes added social media buttons, banners.

Writing a Header script usually begins with the code <header> and ends with </header>. In this script you can edit the title and description on a blog.

2. Sidebar

The Blog Sidebar is part of the blog layout. Usually the blog sidebar has 2 positions, namely on the right or left. There are also several blogger templates displayed in both positions.

In the blog sidebar, you can add supporting widgets to make it easier for readers to navigate your blog. For example, Blog Archive Widget, Categories, Latest Articles, Profiles.

3. Post

Blog posts are the result of all the content that you have written and uploaded. Posts usually feature a Title, Content Content, and Comment Fields.

In the content, you can add text, photos, videos, gifs, embeds.

4. Footer

Blog Footer is the foot or the very bottom of a blog. In the footer there is usually a blog's copyright (credit title) information and there are also additional widgets for some blog templates.

In the default blogger template, coding starts with <footer> and ends with </footer>.

 How? Now you have started to understand what a blog template is.

Well, now the Prince will continue with a guide on how to design a blog to make it interesting. Details are below.

How to Design a Blog on Blogger / Blogspot

Actually, if you are diligent in reading Google Answers about Changing Blog Design, of course, you don't need Prince to continue how to design your own blog.

However, Prince admits himself that Google Answer still answers basic questions.

So, it's only natural that those of you who are just starting a blog still feel confused by the explanation.

How to modify a blog to be cool:

  • Log in to
  • Choose which blog you want to design a template for
  • In the left menu, click Templates
  • Click Customize (if you want to edit without thinking about coding) then click Edit HTML (if you want to try editing with coding)
  • In the left menu, you can select Template, Design Background, Blog Width, Layout and Advanced.
  • When done, click Apply to blog at the top right
  • To see the design results, click View Blog on the top right.
  • At this point, maybe you are still confused by some of the functions described by Prince above.

Well, Prince will explain what functions can be applied to each menu on the blogger design dashboard.

After clicking Templates on the left menu. Then two options will appear Adjust or Edit HTML.

These two buttons have the same function, but have different ways.

When you click Customize, a blog design dashboard will appear which is very easy to set up.

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