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First Step To Start Learning Web Programming

There are many ways to start learning web programming from self-study, lectures, courses, or studying online on paid or free websites.

But have you ever thought where to start? Okay, let's just discuss in this article, there are some initial steps to start learning web programming.

First Step To Start Learning Web Programming

1. Understanding Word "Programming"

Learn programming words before you start learning web programming.

To get into programming, start learning from the basics first. Because it is friendly directly to the chapter it is feared that it will stop in the middle of the road. This can happen when you have a difficult problem, but because you don't understand it, you are afraid to learn.

Start small, like reading a coding history book or reading a programming book specifically for beginners.

2. Learn One Language

After understanding the word programming, we know more and more that there are many coding languages ​​but the way they are implemented is the same. Only every coding language has advantages and disadvantages in making applications or the web.

So that we as new developers must fully understand what is needed in today's industrial world. It's okay to learn all of them, but most importantly to master one language.

3. Find Materials Needed

Do you understand coding? Want to make the web? Gather the ingredients first.

There is a lot of material needed before creating a web and that's what you want, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MSQL, JavaScript, etc. That must be learned. Everything is endless.

4. Create Simple Program.

Confused what to do? Create your profile in the appropriate line of code. Make it as attractive as possible to a fun profile.

5. Build Network

Start through well-known communities or social media forums, and ask questions frequently on programming sites that are ready to help find solutions to errors. So that we can solve the problems that are happening and develop knowledge with the latest information.

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