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Learn Basic Programming Languages For Beginners

Programming has become part of our daily life. When you open the app, each feature is pushed by different types of code. Likewise with websites or software. Everything is coded to work according to its function.

Here you will see the best steps for learning a programming language or code written to run a program or device.

What is a Basic Programming Language?

Basically, a programming language functions to create programs through a collection of code (syntax).

By studying them, you will understand the "language" for "getting" a program to do things.

In practice, you must have seen it often, both on the website and in the application.

Or suppose you turn on a song on Spotify. The song you play can be heard because there is a code that instructs the application to play the song.

Basic Concepts of Programming

What are the basic concepts of programming or how do programming languages ​​work?

So, the basic concept of programming consists of five stages, namely: originating, input, process, output, and distribution:

1. Originating - The process of collecting data.

2. Input - The process of entering data into the device.

3. Process - The phase in which data is processed by counting, sorting, and classifying.

4. Output - Processed data is displayed on the device.

5. Distribution - The process of disseminating information from the resulting data.

Programming Language Writing Process

Before learning a programming language, of course, you must know the writing process first. Here are the steps:

1. First of all, you must write program code using a specific programming language.

2. After you finish writing the code, you will do the release. There are several release stages in program development. Starting from the alpha and beta stages, to live releases.

3. Once released, you need to debug to identify errors in the program.

4. If any errors are found, you will need to fix them and release a new version of the program.

5. Perform routine maintenance so that there are no gaps in the program. And don't forget to update.

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