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Most Complete and Latest Way to Learn Programming

Programming is the activity of making computer programs with lines of code. No wonder this activity is often referred to as coding.

Resulting line of code can provide specific instructions to the computer. Starting from simple things like adding two numbers, to complicated things like forecasting tomorrow's weather.

Most Complete and Latest Way to Learn Programming

Code has its own rules, which is called a programming language. There are many types themselves and are always being developed. We will discuss this programming language in more detail below:

Person who is able to speak a programming language and provide instructions to a computer is called a programmer.

Programmer Type

There are several types of programmers according to the program being made. Therefore, before you delve into programming any further, you must first study the differences between programmers.

Here are some of the most popular types of programmers to choose from:

1. Web developer

The web developer is in charge of designing and creating websites. They are responsible for ensuring that the website looks attractive and that all of its features function smoothly.

This means that the web developer's responsibility does not end once the website can be accessed by visitors. They should also monitor the website for problems and fix them.

2. Software Developer

Software developer is a person who designs and creates software for computer systems. Can be used for Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating systems.

Since Windows users currently make up 76% of all computer users, it is not surprising that the need for Windows programmers is growing.

Because each version requires different skills and programming languages, coding can be done by one or more programmers, depending on the respective skills.

3. Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers are tasked with designing and creating mobile device applications such as smartphones and tablets.

World of mobile app developers is also growing very fast. Either from more programming languages ​​or from increasingly complex consumer needs.

4. Game Programmer

Game programmers are the ones who code to produce video games that are comfortable to play.

Game programmers rarely work alone. He will work closely with animators, storywriters, music makers and others.

5. Computer Systems Engineer

This type of programmer ensures that the computer systems in a company or organization run smoothly.

This means that everything related to computer systems - the use of technology, security, networks, software, hardware, etc. - is his responsibility.

In addition, computer systems engineers must also be able to perform maintenance, integrate the latest technology, to repair damaged parts. Either using your own software or using additional hardware.

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