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Most Popular Programming Language Today

Are you interested in becoming a software developer? If so, then there are several programming languages ​​you can start learning.

Nowadays more and more companies are developing websites or applications for their business. It's no wonder the skills of software developers are in high demand. To become a developer, you must master a programming language that matches the software you are developing.

Understanding Programming Languages

A programming language is a computer language that contains a set of commands, instructions or syntax used to develop software programs. Programming languages ​​can translate instructions made by web developers so that they can be understood by computers.

You need to know, the programming language itself is divided into two types, namely low-level programming languages ​​and high-level programming languages.

High level programming language

This allows developers to write source code naturally using logical words and symbols. Examples such as order, run, class, reques.

Many high-level programming languages ​​are similar enough that a developer can easily understand source code written in multiple languages.

Low level programming language

Low-level languages ​​are programming languages ​​that contain basic instructions that are recognized by the computer. Unlike the high-level languages ​​which are easy to understand, these low-level languages ​​are difficult to understand. Examples of low-level languages ​​are assembly language and machine language.

Use of Programming Languages

Web development

A programming language or programming language can be used to build a website. Broadly speaking, when a developer develops a website, there are two parts that need attention, namely the front end (client side programming) and the back (server side programming).

The front end developer will be responsible for the visual appearance of the website pages and ensure a good user experience. If you want to become a front end developer, the programming languages ​​you need to master are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You must also master the Javascript framework.

However, if you want to become a back end developer, there are many programming languages ​​you can learn like Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. Back end development will refer to the server side and anything to do with the database. . and browser.

Game Development

Every video game you play has code that runs it. Programming languages ​​are used to generate game settings and mechanics. If the code is well written, games can provide a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Some examples of programming languages ​​for game development are C ++, C #, Java, etc.

Mobile Application Development

For mobile application development, the programming language you choose must match the operating system that will be used. If you want to develop it on Android devices, you can rely on JAVA, Kotlin, C # languages. When developing on iOS, you can use the Objective-C and Swift languages.

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