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4 Recommended Free Apps for Learning Coding

For those of you who aspire to become programmers in the future. You can learn to code yourself. We have 4 recommended free apps for learning coding. What are the options?

(1) SoloLearn

The main advantage of SoloLearn is that this application can be used by all people, from beginner programmers to experts. You won't learn on your own, this app provides a community space for sharing information.

You can access knowledge and editors for free. Want to learn Python programming language? This application provides programming languages ​​Python, Kotlin, Java, Ruby, SQL, and many more!


(2) DataCamp

You can try the DataCamp application if you want to specifically learn data scientists from three programming languages, namely Python, SQL, and R. When you first install this application, you will be asked to choose what material to study. If you have access to the desktop version, there are over 300 courses you can access!

(3) Programming Hub

This coding learning application has been recognized for its quality around the world. This is evidenced by the number of users who download this application reaching one million people! Investigate, this cool application is indeed made by experts from Google. No wonder this application has so many users.

This application offers several programming languages ​​and features. Some of the programming languages ​​that can be learned are HTML, CSS, Net, Java, Javascript, and others. Another advantage of this application is that you can learn from case examples. Therefore, you are not only learning theory, but also practicing in the real world.

(4) Enki

Enki is a coding learning app that all programmers dream of! This application carries the concept of learning to code like playing a game. In essence, you can learn to code in a more fun way.

You will also be spoiled by the dark mode which is very popular with programmers. With dark mode, you can code comfortably and focus. Even though this app offers many courses, you can still pass according to your ability.

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