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9 Ways to Create SEO Friendly Blogs for Beginners

In today's digital era, human life cannot be separated from the internet. Everything is done with the help of an internet connection, one of which is getting information. Where do you think most people ask for this kind of information, Google, right? Well, that's the importance of learning SEO for the blog that you have. How to create an SEO friendly blog for beginners so that it perches on the first page of Google, everything will be reviewed in detail below.

How to Create an SEO Blog

1. Determine the Topic / Theme

The first way to create an SEO blog is to find the topic or theme that you want to present on the blog. The topics used are those that are relevant to the content of your blog as a whole.

2. Choosing a Niche

The way to create the next SEO blog is to do niche research that matches the blog theme that you are currently amused. In the world of blogging, a niche can be said to be a topic, theme, or discussion that is closely related to blog content. The niche created must focus on one theme so that it can be developed into a micro niche.

Just a suggestion, you should create a niche that suits your hobbies or abilities. Why is that? If you blog for product marketing, use a niche that is related to the products you offer. Meanwhile, if you create a blog to share experiences or information, it must be in accordance with your passion.

3. Keyword research

After choosing the niche you want to use to create a blog, the next step is to do keyword research.

If you build a blog that suits your hobbies and interests, you may be more sensitive to the keywords that will be used as articles without having to do research. However, if you want to use keywords that you are not interested in, that's fine.

Some SEO experts say that they have lots of blogs with bad keywords. But you need to understand that those who have experienced blogging are certainly different from beginners who are completely new to blogs.

Those who are experienced can use any topic because they already know what to do, understand very well the ins and outs of blog SEO, can pay writers, and understand how to promote blogs. Although most beginners who are still learning how to create an SEO blog are still confused about where to start, they must learn to tackle topics, learn promotion, and must learn to write articles.

4. Creating Articles

After keyword research, the way to create the next SEO blog is to create article content. Write articles that match the blog's theme, don't just write or buy articles. Make the article content useful, unique, and accountable. Pay close attention to what you write or buy before publishing.

Learning correct spelling and punctuation is also important because misspellings or punctuation can mean different things. Therefore, those of you who are serious about getting into the world of blogging must understand good and correct writing.

5. Determine the theme / blog template

Choose a template that is SEO friendly so that the blog you create will find it easier to get good rankings from search results. Apart from that, you can also get organic visitor traffic from search engines.

6. On Page Optimization

On page optimization or on page SEO is doing SEO optimization on the content of the articles to be posted. The optimization in question is to focus on the factors in the article, such as optimizing the use of keywords in the meta title, meta description, images, and so on.

7. Indexing

The way to create the next SEO blog is Indexing while waiting for posted content to enter Google. So that the content that you post is quickly indexed by Google, share the articles on various social media.

8. Sign up for Search Console

Submitting your blog to Search Console is one way to create an SEO blog and don't forget to submit sitemap.xml. If you are using the All in One SEO and Yoast plugins, just enable the sitemap feature. Generally what is entered are pages, article pages, and categories.

9. SEO Off Page

Off page optimization can make your blog go up, for example, such as commenting on backlinks, submitting to social bookmarking, and so on. Off page SEO is one way to create an SEO blog that is recommended for bloggers so that their blogs quickly rise.

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