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Know Computer Networks and Types of Devices

Currently the use of the internet has reached almost all corners of the world. One of the functions of the internet itself is to connect one computer network to another.

Know Computer Networks and Types of Devices

Understand computer networks

Before entering into a discussion of what types and types of computer network devices are, we must first know their meaning. A computer network is two or more computer devices that are interconnected or connected to one another and are used for various data sources.

Each endpoint on the network has an identifier, which is commonly referred to as an IP address or media access control address. Endpoints can include servers, computers, telephones, and other network hardware.

Networks can be private or public. In the use of private networks, usually requires user access to enter credentials in the form of a password that is manually entered by the administrator or obtained directly by the user. For the use of public networks such as the internet, do not restrict access.

History of computer networks

History first started from the emergence of ideas or ideas to use one computer together. The project was carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Havard at Bell Laboratories led by Howard Aiken.

In 1950, when the supercomputer was successfully created, that's when the system (Time Sharing System) was also invented. This moment is one of the important histories where computer networks were first applied.

Over time, in 1982, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) was invented. Then, in 1984 the Domain Name System (DNS) was discovered. And the most historic moment was born in 1990, where Tim Berners Lee started the World Wide Web (WWW) program. And for the following years, computer networks developed very rapidly.

Type of computer network

After reading some brief reviews about the meaning and history of computer networks, then we will discuss some things related to the types of computer networks themselves.

1. PAN (Personal Area Network)

This type of network covers smaller areas, such as offices and homes. Usually, most of it is used only for internet purposes, as well as printers. And it does not require large resources to use a PAN network.

2. LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN network functions to connect network devices in conditions of relatively small coverage. Examples of implementing LAN networks are network systems in schools, offices and homes.

Many people tend to use certain connectivity, especially on token ring and ethernet. In addition, LAN also provides wireless network technology using WIfi and is better known as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

3. CAN (Campus Area Network)

The CAN network can be said to have similarities with MAN, but is more limited to the scope of campus or academics. For this network, it is widely used for lab labs, email, class updates, and so on.

4. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

MAN is a network that connects one computer device with other devices within the city scope on the same network. This type of network is larger than a LAN network.

5. WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN is a collection of LANs that are spread geographically. WAN networks tend to use technologies such as ATM, X.25, and Frame Relay for connectivity over longer distances.

6. Internet

Anyone can access various sources of information on various computer devices, such as PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and so on.

7.VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a solution to provide a more secure internet connection. VPN can create a secure path for data transmission needs. Currently there are many platforms that sell VPN for free, while providing premium access.

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