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History of computer networks and their development

 What is computer network?

How is the history of computer networks from time to time to modern times like today?

Everything will be answered after you read the following article plus general knowledge about computer networks.

History of computer networks and their development

Understanding Computer Networks

Computer network is a telecommunications network system that allows computers to connect and communicate with each other by exchanging data.

Function of computer networks is to achieve goals between computer networks such as requesting and providing services.

Party requesting or receiving a service is called a client (client) and the person providing or sending the service is called the server.

This system is called a client-server system, and is used in almost all computer networking applications.

Two or more computers that each have a network card which is then connected by cable or wireless as a data transmission medium.

There are network operating system software that make up a simple computer network.

Computer networks can still be developed to a broader level, but require additional equipment, such as hubs, bridges, switches, routers, gateways as interconnection equipment.

History of Computer Networks

Origins of the history of computer networks began when the concept of computer networks began to appear in the 1940s in America.

This network system, for the first time began to be presented by the MODEL I computer development project, in the Bell laboratory and the Harvard University research group led by professor Howard Aiken.

Initially, the project will only be used as a computer device that must be used together.

In order to perform multiple processes without wasting time, batch processing is created.

So that several programs that are run can be run simultaneously on the computer by implementing a queuing system.

Furthermore, in the 1950s when the type of computer had developed into a supercomputer, a computer had to serve several places (terminals) that were available.

It was only later discovered that the concept of time-based process distribution which is popularly known as TSS (Time Sharing System).

At that time, for the first time this form of network or computer network was applied.

In a TSS system, multiple terminals are connected directly in series to a computer, or other device, which is connected to the network (host) computer.

At first computer technology and telecommunication technology worked separately, but in the TSS process, a combination of the two technologies began to emerge.

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